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Enjoy the benefits of having a professionally maintained lawn from Arizona Lawn Maintenance.  We are not the typical lawn mowing company; our team is reliable and will make sure to get the work done. 



To keep your lawn looking green and healthy it is important to mow your grass on a regular basis. In addition to mowing, changing directions each time will help keep your lawn looking healthy. We blow off your driveways, sidewalks, and patios. We take pride in your grass looking the best it possibly can. We always go above and beyond!



We offer fertilization with our different types of fertilizer used at different times of the year, combine with aeration, your grass will receive the nutrients it needs to have an incredibly lush appearance. To have that look all year long, make sure to take advantage of our winter reseed.



Tree trimming services are the cornerstone to any successful tree care program. It is critical to sustaining your tree’s health, stimulating growth and retaining its natural appearance, but if you try to trim your trees yourself, you could end up trimming incorrectly, causing serious damage to your beloved asset. Our team of experts will make sure to take care of your plants and trees professionally.



We offer full service sprinkler repairs, irrigation installation, drip system repairs, timer replacement, valve replacement and troubleshooting. 



We take pride of taking care of our customer’s Plants through pruning. Most plants benefit from sort of regular pruning and maintenance. It keeps them healthy and encourages fresh new growth. The trick is in knowing when to prune what.


weed control.png

We offer a custom weed control plan. We understand Arizona Climate and the hassle of controlling weeds. We make sure your property will look clean and free of weeds again.

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